~Winter Solstice~ Opens Dec 9th and runs until Dec 19th!


SKIN  | Glam Affair –  Sammy skin – Africa  tone Lelutka applier – Coming Soon!

MESH HEAD | Lelutka – Simone Bento Head ~ Coming Soon!

MAKEUP | IT Girls – Sato lip makeup applier – Lelutka applier

HAIR | Tableau Vivant – Missy – NEW@Kustom9


TOP | .epoch.  -winta sweater – NEW@~Winter Solstice~  

ACCESSORY | Hayzuriza – Eyewear Nice (gold) – NEW@On9

ACCESSORY | *COCO* – fursleeves

The LeLutka Simone 2.0 bento head will be released next week if all goes according to plan. As previously mentioned, owning a non bento Simone head will entitle you to a rebate of the original 2500L price. The full price of the Simone 2.0 bento head will be 5000L which you will need to pay while wearing your Simone 1.6 head, to get an instant rebate of 2500. Because of the vending system, you will have to pay the full price to be eligible for the rebate.

The head purchase will include the head, 24 expression animations, 2 mood animation packages, talk, blink, parted lips and eyelid options built into the HUD, a full list of the features is included below.
The Simone 2.0 bento head Package includes:

Head Backup System – allows you to back up animation and save slot settings

Brow Shape (modify) – base brow shape created for Simone (you can use your own)

Simone Shape (modify) – base shape created for Simone (you can use your own)

Alpha Layers – 4 system alpha layers to hide default head/body/eyes as needed

Gestures – Voice controlled & Keyboard controlled for talking animations

Facelight – allows shimmer functions to be more pronounced when worn with advanced lighting activated in preferences.

Head – Bento head including layers for skin, makeup, tattoos, hairbase and brows

Teeth – rigged teeth for natural look when opening and closing mouth.

Simone 2.0 Bento HUD – Controls for all head needs

Hide/show – Lacrimal (3 shades included) , Scalp, Ears

Pose button for appearance editing

10 Glam Affair skin tones for Simone skin
4 eyeshadow presets
4 lipstick presets
4 brow colour presets
4 lash style presets
4 tattoo presets (two freckles, blush, decorative)
8 Hairbase colours (LeLutka hair colours compatible)
Save slots
Tinting panel for all layers

Animations – Mood Selections – 2 included (happy, neutral)
Expressions – 24 included (positive,negative,other) looped and unlooped
Talk Animation (to allow mouth to animate when typing) – on/off option
Parted Lips – on/off option
Blink – on/off option
Eyelids control – 6 eyelid settings (neutral, wide, relaxed, sleepy, suspicious, closed)

Eye targeting system – controls movement of eyes (system or mesh) mirror and linked options.

Personalize Tab – Using full perms textures you can create unique looks by applying your own skins, makeups, tattoos, hairbases as well as specular and normals maps.

Options Tab – Under the hood settings options – Auto Update option, Triggers, Repairs & Restore, Kill Scripts and links for assistance

The Bento heads have Omega System support, you will need to purchase the Lelutka Omega relay from Omega https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Lelutka/10550651

Demos will be available in our store, and will be sent via group in advance of release. Please join our free group by copying and pasting this link into open chat and clicking the link secondlife:///app/group/b4820d07-1543-6d56-e6bd-ab848903ee9b/about

For any further queries please refer to the profile of JadenArt Resident for contact information, thank you.

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