New Items @ Tres Chic Event and Wayward Carnival!

ELEPHANT | Pink Acid/Black Bantam – My Baby Elephant – @Wayward Carnival

HOUSE | junk– bennett house

LAMP | Di’Cor –  Penelope lamp  New@ Tres Chic

RUG | Di’Cor –   Penelope rug – New@ Tres Chic

WOODEN BANGO | Di’Cor –  New@ Tres Chic

TABLE | Di’Cor – Penelope –   New@ Tres Chic

ARM CHAIR | Di’Cor – Penelope    New@ Tres Chic

WALL SCREEN | Di’Cor –   Penelope  New@ Tres Chic

SHEESHA | Di’Cor – Penelope    New@ Tres Chic

tres chic logo



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