‘what kind of angel are you?’



The Fantasy Angels project Marketing is pleased to announce its official annual 2015 Casting under the advertising campaign “What Kind of Angel Are You?” to add new Angels to the team. The models chosen will represent The Fantasy Angels Company not only in The Fantasy Angels Directory, but in all its productions and related projects.

The first step to apply involves preparing two professional photographs following the theme “Victoria´s Secret Fashion Shows” and the instructions given below. We want to see how you will look at the different advertisements and videos The Fantasy Angels Company launched.

50 models from the grid will be chosen from all the applicants. They will be divided into two groups and will receive a personal invitation with all the details for a runway audition, which will be held on Saturday, May the 24th and 31th, both days at 3 PM SLT.

The theme for this casting is “Inspired by Victoria´s Secret Fashion Shows” The 50 selected models will walk this theme. We want to see your look in live as in photos. We want to see creativity, elegance, beauty, a fierce look and stylish flavour that captive the stage and fascinate the eye of the judges and everybody who see you. Show us What kind of Angel Are You?

For the finals, we will send a personal invitation to the 20 selected models on June, Monday 02th and who will be invited to participate in a live casting on Saturday, June the 07th at 3 PM SLT.

We ask you for this live casting just to use a black underwear which we will send to you as courtesy from The Fantasy Angels firm. Just mix it with an appropriate pair of shoes and a ponytail. We will require you don´t use jewelry or accessories neither makeup just lip gloss. We want to see your natural beauty.

From the twenty models, we will select ten to fifteen to be part of the Fantasy Angels firm and who will be the new face of The Fantasy Angels 2015 walking at the exclusive show of Angels next year. From the selected models two of them will be chosen to walk in the upcoming show this year 2014, and one of them will have the opportunity to open the show using the Fantasy outfit, exclusive design made for each show.

Selected models will be announced during the launch of The Fantasy Angels as Official Company in late of June. After this, selected models will be invited to be an official Angel enjoying The Fantasy Angels group.

To apply for the casting:

– You must be at least 5 months old in SL

– Minimum level of English is necessary

– Modeling and Styling Professional knowledge

– You must be active in the fashion field. That means being active as model and as stylist.

– Insert one headshot and one full body shot into the new notecard. Please place YOUR NAME on each texture before inserting them into the new notecard and make sure that they are FULL PERM. Please note that applications with more than TWO photographs will be automatically disqualified.

– Don’t over-edit your photographs with too much Photoshop. Its use is allowed, but if it will mask or hide your natural face or skin, your application will be disqualified as well.





Copy all this information into a new notecard and send it (FULL PERM) to the resident THEFANTASYANGELSProduction titled “The Fantasy Angels Annual 2015 Casting – <Your Name>” by Sunday, May the 18th, 2014.
Any questions or doubts related we ask you thankfully let us to know about it through contact THEFANTASYANGELSProduction here in SL.

Thank you for your interest in THEFANTASYANGELS.COMPANY


TFA Enchanted Angels - Anael Starr


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